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About our Owner, John Lawrence

JOHN'S POND PLANTS is a Florida Aquatics Plants Nursery located in the Beautiful Green Swamp Wetlands Preserve in the "Heart of the Floridan Aquifer."  John Lawrence, the owner of John's Ponds Plants, has been a nature lover who, as a boy, read every book he could on birdwatching and could identify birds by their scientific names then.  It was during his studying of bird identification that he noticed fabulously beautiful colored flowers just floating top of the water that were prints of paintings by an artist named Claude Monet'.  He asked his parents that day if those those beautiful flowers sitting on top of those ponds were real that were in those paintings of that man named Claude Monet'.  John's quest to know everything he could find out about those "water lilies" in Claude Monet's paintings has been life long and ongoing to this day.  John's admiration for the beautiful water lily resulted in his farm, JOHN'S POND PLANTS and his quest for knowledge basehas expanded to each and every pond plant that he sells.